SHM Person of the Year Award

A structural health monitoring person of the year (SHM-POY) will be selected by the editors and associate editors of Structural Health Monitoring: An International Journal. The Person of the Year should have made an outstanding contribution to the field of SHM that will benefit society. This contribution can be in the form of theory, analysis, applications, education, or other ways that support the discipline of SHM and benefit society. The award is meant to recognize accomplishments within the past year or few years.

The award will be presented by the SHM-POY Committee Chair, Professor Wieslaw Ostachowicz from Polish Academy of Sciences.

The Achenbach Medal 2024

The Achenbach Medal has been created to recognize an individual (within 10 years of PhD) who has made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of the field of Structural Health Monitoring. It is an international award and nominations from all over the world are encouraged.

A selection committee consisting of internationally renowned experts in the field of Structural Health Monitoring was formed at the IWSHM 2009. The chairperson of the committee is Professor Tribikram Kundu from University of Arizona, who unfortunately cannot attend the EWSHM. The medal will therefore be awarded by Professor Fu-Kuo Chang from Standford University will present the medal.

Student Paper Award

The organising committee of the EWSHM is pleased that many students have submitted abstracts this year. These papers will be evaluated by a committee of experts from academia, industry and the research community and nominated for the Student Best Paper Award at the EWSHM.