OGW dataset #4

OGW dataset #4
OGW dataset #4

Goethe University Frankfurt
German Aerospace Centre
Fraunhofer IKTS
Fed. Inst. Of Mat. Res. & Testing (BAM)
Polish Academy of Sciences

Types of sensing
Piezoelectric transducers, temperature, relative humidity, Laser-Doppler vibrometry

Access to externals
Free download

Type of data available
Guided ultrasound measurements of a CFRP plate with omega stringer at constant temperature conditions. Analysis of impact damage. Data format: h5-format.

Availability of recorded data to externals
http://openguidedwaves.de/downloads/ (OGW dataset #4)

Please use this publication for citation of the dataset
Kudela, P.; Radzienski, M.; Moix-Bonet, M.; Willberg, C.; Lugovtsova, Y.; Bulling, J.; Tschöke, K.; Moll, J.: Dataset on full ultrasonic guided wavefield measurements of a CFRP plate with fully bonded and partially debonded omega stringer, Data in Brief, 2022, vol. 42, 108078, DOI: 10.1016/j.dib.2022.108078