Manuscript (Full Paper)

Template for publication
Please download the template for manuscript preparation and edit your manuscript here, taking into account the formal requirements. The manuscript should be 8 pages DIN A4 long; max. file size: 10 MB.
Download here

Upload manuscript
Please upload your manuscript as a PDF file in the C³ - Conference Control Center of your user account.

When uploading your manuscript, please enter the keywords (max. 5) that you have also entered in your manuscript.

Editing contribution data
Once the manuscript has been uploaded, the next step is to adjust the contribution data (title, authors, abstracts). If necessary, please make these changes according to the information in your manuscript.

Review of the manuscripts
The manuscript will be reviewed by the DGZfP. If formal amendments are necessary, you will be contacted again.

Deadline for submission
The proceedings with the manuscripts of all contributions will be published at the conference.
The deadline for submitting your manuscript is 15 April 2024.


Oral presentation
You will shortly receive more detailed information on the delivery of your PowerPoint presentation.
There is no template for your presentation.

Poster presentation
Please prepare the poster in DIN A0, portrait format and bring it printed to the conference. We will provide you with a poster wall.


The manuscript of your contribution will be published as a PDF document on the conference website and on the Internet. We hope that your contribution will receive the desired attention and distribution, but we cannot control or regulate access, especially on the Internet.

However, in order to protect your rights as an author and to make the legal situation transparent for our users, all published manuscripts will be released with the verified "Creative Commons CC BY 4.0" license. The copyright lies with the author.

Details and the detailed license text can be found at

Image rights
The publisher of the publications, DGZfP e.V., assumes that the author of the manuscript has obtained the rights to use illustrations and texts that are not his own. Responsibility for the acquisition of image rights lies with the respective author.

The proceedings will be published at the conference and by our media and publishing partner NDT-net - Open Access Archive in a special issue of the e-Journal of Nondestructive Testing ISSN 1435-4934

By submitting a paper you agree to the following publication procedure: I accept that the conference committee is authorized to transfer my submitted paper(s) and author data to for publication. I agree to the following publication license: Copyright 2024 - by the Authors. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License."

Information about the speaker

For the introduction of the speakers during the conference, the session chairs should be provided with brief information about the presenter of your contribution. Please enter some data in the C³ - Conference Control Center. These will also be displayed in the programme on the conference website next to your contribution.