Radar-based structural health monitoring of wind turbine blades (tower installation)

Goethe University Frankfurt
cp.max Rotortechnik GmbH & Co. KG
Knowtion GmbH
BOREAS Energietechnik GmbH

Types of sensing
FMCW radar sensor (35GHz band, tower installation), camera for rotor blade identification

Loading type
ambient loading of operational wind turbines

Access to externals
Free download

Implementation of additional sensors
not possible

Type of data available
Radar measurements of wind turbine blades, videos from camera integrated in sensor box

Availability of recorded data to externals 

Please use this publication for citation of the dataset
Mälzer, M.; Beck, S.; Alipek, S.; Reichart, E.; Moll, J.; Krozer, V.; Oikonomopoulos, C.; Kassner, J.; Hägelen, M.; Heinecke, T.; Cerbe, B.; Rose, J.; Klumpp, V.; Berger, M. & Kohl, M., Radar-based structural monitoring of wind turbines blades: Field results from two operational wind turbines, 14th International Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring, 2023, pp. 2653-2660