Title: Reliability and quality assessement of SHM systems

Organiseres: Inka Mueller (University of Applied Sciences, Bochum), Vittorio Memmolo (University of Naples)

Despite intriguing features and promising breakthrough in several fields of application, many SHM systems have so far not achieved widespread industrial acceptance as a continuous monitoring technique. It is indeed of paramount importance understanding the potential effectiveness of an SHM system before transfer into routine applications. A key aspect is that there is still a lack of strategies for performance assessment that take into account the peculiarities of SHM systems. To assess the ability thereof, a variety of prerequisites and contributing factors have to be considered and need to be analysed in the way they affect the system reliability. For guided-wave based systems, e.g. it is not possible to analyse the system performance without looking into the specific structure and the applied SHM system parameters. Therefore, interdependencies of performance assessment and factors, influencing the quality, capability and reliability of an SHM system, are recently discussed and put into relation with state-of-the-art methods for performance analysis of NDE, like Probability of Detection (POD) or Receiver Operating Characteristic Curves (ROC-Curves). In this context, this Special Session aims to represent a forum for researchers and practitioners from industry, academia, and government interested in reliability and performance assessment for SHM.

This Special Session focuses all aspects inherent to reliability and welcomes especially papers which:

  • discuss reliability aspects of any kind of SHM systems,
  • approach quality assessment for any kind of SHM systems, like ROC, POD,
  • discuss approaches on how to make the transition of POD from NDE to SHM,
  • show developments on how to enable simulation-supported quality assessment,
  • introduce new concepts for performance assessment, such as new specific analysis and procedures or artificial-intelligence supported assessment.

Moreover, case studies on defined aspects of reliability and quality assessment for specific SHM systems are very welcome.