Title: SHM for Impact Characterization and Damage Mechanisms in Laminar Composites

Organisers: Dr. Richard Loendersloot (University of Twente), Dr. Nan Yue (Delft University of Technology)

The vulnerability of composite structures to impact loading is an important concern in industries relying on the use of composites, such as the aerospace and wind turbine industries, but increasingly also for civil engineering applications. Research efforts of the past years have brought us a wide selection of detection and localization methods. Crucial questions on the nature and consequences of the impact are however still unanswered, in particular for complex shaped structures with curvatures, stringers and stiffeners, thickness variation and so on. In this special session we want to offer a platform to researchers to present and discuss the state-of-the-art of Structural Health Monitoring and Impact Characterization, addressing topic as:

  • Force and energy reconstruction of impact in composite structures
  • Prediction of damage formation after impact
  • The use of SHM diagnostic methods and tools to characterize impact
  • Decision support based on impact characterization estimations
  • Digitization of life cycle management for impact prone composite (safety critical) structures

The special session is open for contribution on experimental, numerical, physics-based, data-driven work and can be either more theoretical oriented or be more applied.